Managing the settings of a QuickLink server

From the QuickLink StudioManager, you can adjust various settings of the available users.


Click the COG.png icon on a server to configure the input/output devices, return resolution, input/output aspect ratio, output video/audio devices, output to NDI and adaptive resizing.


The View Preview button will allow you to preview the incoming video and audio from the server. An intercom option is available by selecting the audio device to use.


Output to RTMP

To output to RTMP, click the COG.png icon next to the server, and navigate to the Output tab. Set the Output Device to RTMP. Enter the RTMP URL (eg. rtmp://, configure the RTMP Bitrate, and finally change the RTMP State to Live.


Windows Updates

It is highly recommended that before going live, your Server channels are set to not automatically run Windows updates. To turn updates off, open the Server settings by clicking the COG.png icon, navigate to the Windows Updates tab. Other key Windows information is also displayed in the Status field, including the windows stats and the last time your Server was updated. Click Save to update your changes.

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