Talkback to guests

Talkback allows you to communicate with your contributors via a microphone input of your choice. This is useful for checking your guests are ready to go live, making them aware of any last minute changes or instructing them on being in the correct position within the frame. 

Talkback to contributors can be achieved in multiple ways. 

To talkback to an individual contributor before they have been placed in a call, click the COG.png icon next to a device or guest. 


Within the contributor settings window, press View Preview


A preview of the selected contributor will appear. To select the device you wish to use as a Talkback microphone, select it from the available devices in the Intercom drop down menu. 


Next, to talkback, select the unmunte.PNG icon to unmute yourself. Once you have finished talking to your guest, click mute.PNG to mute talkback again. 



To talkback to an individual guest that is already in a room, you can simply press TALKBACK from the main GUI. 


Firstly though, you'll want to make sure your talkback microphone and headphones are configured. To do so, select Settings & Preferences from the main menu.   



Under the audio tab, select the microphone and speakers you wish to use for Talkback from your available devices. Then click Save. 



To activate Talkback for an individual guest, click the Talkback button underneath any guest in a room. 



When the button is highlighted in green talkback is active and when it is grey, it is inactive. 



This method allows you to communicate with one guest at a time, to communicate with an entire room you will need to activate talkback in another way. 

To use Talkback to all participants within a Conference room is by using the Preview Window.

To open the Preview Window click the preview.PNG icon next to the Conference Room name.


In order for the Intercom to work you'll need to Start Video Tiling


Make sure you have the correct device selected in the drop down menu. 


To start talking to the room, unmute the microphone by clicking the unmunte.PNG icon. 


Once you are finished, click the mute.PNG icon to mute the Intercom again. 




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