Streaming to Castr

With QuickLink StudioPro, you can very easily stream your productions to Castr, an easy powerful video streaming solution that can be used to stream host, schedule and monetize your live videos in high-quality 4k resolution using Akamai CDN. You can learn more about Castr, here.

Firstly, visit Castr, click login to access your user account. If you do not already have a Castr account, you can try for free.

Enter your user details and Log In.

From your Castr Dashboard, click Create New.

Select All in One Stream, enter a Stream Name, and select your Hosting Region. Then click Create All in One Stream.

Your new Castr stream will be created. From the stream, you can add your destinations to platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, or enter a custom RTMP/SRT destination.

In the Stream Source Setup panel, ensure RTMP is selected, then copy the Streaming Key. From here you can also set up a backup URL and access Playback options.

Returning to QuickLink StudioPro, open the settings by selecting the settings-icon.png icon.

On the Stream tab, click the Service drop-down within the Services section, then select Show All. Locate and select Castr.


Choose your Server location, this should be the same as selected when initially creating your Castr stream. Next, paste the Streaming Key copied previously into the Stream Key box.


When you are ready to start streaming your StudioPro production to Castr, click Start Streaming.


Your stream will begin. Within your Castr Dashboard, you will now see a preview of your StudioPro production.

To stop streaming, simply return to your QuickLink StudioPro Stream settings, then click Stop Streaming.

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