Streaming to Livepush

With QuickLink StudioPro you can easily stream your productions to Livepush, an end-to-end live multi-streaming platform. With Livepush you can live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, a website, or Web TV.

Setting up your stream to Livepush is easy! To achieve this, firstly head to the Livepush website and sign into your account. If you do not already have an account, you can start for free here.

Once logged in, from the Livepush Dashboard, click on your live stream (i.e. Live Input)

From Destinations, you can add the platforms that you wish to multi-stream. You can find more information on adding destinations in Livepush's Adding Live streaming destinations article.

Next, select the Other tab, and select the Server address that is most local to you.

Copy and make a note of the Server Address and Stream Key.

Returning to QuickLink StudioPro, open the settings by selecting the settings-icon.png icon from the menu.

Within the Stream tab, click Add Target within the RTMP section.

Enter a friendly name for your stream (I.e. Livepush Stream).


Next, paste the Stream URL copied previously into RTMP Server, and paste the Stream Key into RTMP Key. Click OK.


You have now successfully configured your Livepush stream. When you are ready to begin streaming, simply click Start Streaming.

Your stream will begin, and a timer will show the duration of your stream.

Returning to Livepush, you will now see a live preview of your production.

When you're ready to stop streaming, simply click Stop Streaming.

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