Stream via RIST

Using Quicklink Cre8 you can very easily stream your productions via RIST. RIST is an increasingly popular standard for transporting live video over unmanaged networks. You can learn more about RIST, here.

To start, open the Cre8 Settings window by clicking the settings-icon.png icon.


Within the Stream tab, scroll and locate Services


For the Service itself select Custom. 


In the Server box, enter your RIST address. It will follow this format: rist://IP:port?cname=Cre8&bandwidth=5000

The IP will be the external IP address of your destination. Cname is a friendly name for your stream. Bandwidth is the maximum bandwidth you wish to stream at. Make sure this is set appropriately. 


The Stream Key is not required and can be left empty as it won't require authentication.  When you are ready to start streaming, click Start Streaming. 

Start Streaming.png

You are now successfully streaming via RIST.


When you are ready to stop your stream, head back into the stream settings and click Stop Streaming. 

Stop Streaming.png

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