Streaming to YouTube

Using Cre8 you can very easily stream your productions to YouTube.

You will need to firstly create a live stream within YouTube. To do this, select the YouTube-camera-icon.png icon from the top-right corner, then select Go live to open the YouTube Studio.

Add a title, description and category, then set your visibility of your live by selecting the EDIT button.

Next, select the STREAM SETTINGS tab, and ensure Default stream key is selected. Copy and make a note of both the Stream key and Stream URL.

Next select your stream latency. For best performance and achieving higher quality video, it is recommended that Normal latency option is used. For a stream where audience interaction is important, it is recommended that the Low-latency option is used. For high levels of audience interaction and engagement, it is recommended that the Ultra low-latency option is used.

Returning to Cre8, open the settings by selecting the gear__3_.png icon. Within the Stream tab, select RTMP then Add Target.


Enter a name for your target (i.e YouTube). Enter the Stream URL copied earlier and paste into RTMP Server. Next, copy the Steam key copied and paste into RTMP Key.


It is recommended that Cre8 Setting is used for both the Video Settings and Audio Settings options.

To save your YouTube stream settings, click OK.

Now you have configured your YouTube streaming settings, you are now ready to start streaming. To start streaming, open the settings by selecting the gear__3_.png icon. Within the Stream tab, select the Start Streaming button alongside the YouTube target.


Once streaming has started, a stream duration timer will appear. When finished, to stop streaming select the Stop Streaming button.


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