Recording the Program Output

When using Cre8 it is possible to record the Program Output. This option gives you full flexibility by allowing you to record your production alongside streaming live, or pre-recording your production for publishing at a later date.

Before starting your program output recording, you should ensure that your recording settings are configured. If you have not already configured these, please refer to the Configuring your recording settings article.

To start recording your Program Output, from your Cre8 interface, select START PROGRAM RECORDING from the bottom right-hand corner.


Once recording has started, PROGRAM RECORDING will begin to flash, and a timer will display how long the recording has been running. To stop the recording, simply press the flashing PROGRAM RECORDING text.


Before the recording stops, a prompt will pop up to confirm the stopping of recording. Select Yes.


The recording will now be saved in the configured format to the file location configured in the Output settings. For more information on Output settings, see the article and video here. 

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