Viewing call logs and statistics

The ability to view call logs and statistics within the Quicklink Manager gives complete management. Call logs can be viewed to report, troubleshoot and more. Including checking the amount of usage on a server, which guest was on when, what resolution was actually being sent and received or for packet loss statistics on a call that dropped out. 

To access call logs, log into the Quicklink Manager portal, then click on your account name in the top-left corner.

From the dropdown menu, select View Logs.

This will redirect you to the Call Logs page. 

From this page you can view, filter and search by different fields. A key to the interface and the different options available is as follows:

  • A – Results displayed. By default this will show all call logs associated with your account.
  • B – Search functionality to search results.
  • C – Option to apply a search filter for all logs, customers, servers or users.
  • D – Ability to export all displayed logs to a .csv file.
  • E – Navigate through available pages of results
  • F – Sort your results by the selected column.
  • G – Search by stats of a call. This could be useful if you were looking for calls that went through relay or achieved 1080p resolution.
  • H – Select how many results appear on a page, and view how many entries are available.

Selecting a call log will open the statistics of that selected call. From here you can view stats such as call bandwidth and the audio/video information sent and received.

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