Streaming to DLive

Using StudioPro you can very easily stream your productions to DLive.

Firstly navigate to DLive and sign in. Once you're signed in, click the camera icon in the top-right corner to setup your stream. 

From the Live page, Yenter a stream name, language, category, tag, and upload a thumbnail. From here you can also select a checkbox to save a recording of your stream. Once the relevant information has been entered, press Save.

Once saved, an option will appear to view server information. Press Encoding Server Information.


All encoder information will not appear. From here, copy and make a note of the Stream URL and Stream Key. If you do not see these details, click REGENERATE SERVER URL.


Returning back to StudioPro, open the settings by selecting the settings cog from the left-hand side.

Within the Stream tab, select RTMP then click Add Target.


Enter a friendly name for your DLive stream. Paste the Server URL copied previously into the RTMP Server box. Next, paste the Stream Key into the RTMP Key box. When entered, click OK to save.


Your stream settings are now configured. When you're ready to start streaming, click Start Streaming


Your stream will now begin. Returning back to your DLive dashboard, if set up correctly, you'll see your Stream output from StudioPro.

When you are ready to stop streaming, simply click Stop Streaming in the bottom right-hand corner of the StudioPro interface. A prompt will ask you to confirm, press Yes.

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